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Launched yesterday

From Mighty Tomato Plants Do Little Tomatoes Grow

Yesterday, within seconds of Tweeting :

Most stressful day of my life. Baby boy – Sam. 9.95lbs born 4.51pm.

I was inundated by congratulations messages from my followers and friends. Thank you for all your good wishes and congratulatory messages.  The most commonly asked question –  “do you have a pic”. Well, here he is!

Having gone to hospital at 1.30am, it was a long day and at least he came out safe and sound without too much damage to mum. Needless to say the whole family are delighted, if not a little tired.

Three reasons for this  post:

1. Obviously i’m immensely proud being a new dad.

2. Extending out to the loyal community on this site and connecting and responding to requests, plus sharing a bit of personal stuff

3. Update you on our Blogging calendar

Blogging Calendar

Although we have a number of posts scheduled over the coming weeks/months, we’re going to be looking at reducing the frequency of  content at least temporarily. Over the next few weeks we may not be as posting as regularly as we have, but we hope to get back to speed in the next few weeks:

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