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So, what’s your problem?

Drug Dealers Live Here
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alex E. Proimos

This post was inspired by a comment from Eleanor at Give A Brick in response to a guest post here from Eric at Bluepop13.

Eleanor said :

“I love asking questions to to get clarification or spark additional conversation.”

This gave me an idea.

What if the readers of this site came together to solve a reader’s problem?

With this in mind I thought we’d try something new here.

I’m going to ask readers to submit a problem, via the comments below. I’ll select a problem which is most in keeping with the ethos of this site and both I and the other readers will attempt to solve the problem or provide options for you to consider.

Who knows, if we get enough problems and responses, then maybe we’ll run this as a regular feature.

So, if you have a problem and you don’t mind sharing, write an outline in the comment section below.

I’ll contact you to ask for more info and both I and the other readers will try and solve your problem via the post and the comments.

So what are you waiting for?

Enter a brief outline of your problem in the comments section below.

Cooking, gardening or relationships are not the subject area of this blog! You might want to save them for the Sunday papers!

Stay on topic…we write for both owners of a business or those working in a larger business, we write about leadership and entrepeneurship; lifestyle and how to make a difference.

Boring legal bit:

All advice is provided in good faith and any decisions taken from the advice provided are at your own risk. Neither The Big Red Tomato Company Ltd or the readers of the Big Red Tomato Company blog will be responsible for any action you undertake. Actions should only be undertaken following appropriate advice regarding the suitablity for your situation.

Too shy to share?

The Big Red Tomato Company would be pleased to provide advice or ongoing support to you or your business. Please contact us through the contact page and we can discuss a suitable package to meet your needs.