How to Make Your Launch Take Off

How did you last launch go? Ok? Well? Or could it have gone better?

If you want to know how to make your product launch go smoothly, help is at hand.

  • In fact you you can have a compete product launch guide at your side telling you what need to do and when.

So, if you’ve been struggling and burning the midnight oil to get your product out there and you want a complete step by step guide to show you how, then keep reading.

I’m Matthew Needham, I help businesses grow their businesses by reducing costs, doing things better and selling more product. I am a qualified accountant, professional interim manager, business coach and consultant and have spent nearly 20 years working with some of the world’s biggest businesses. I don’t do theory.

This is a practical checklist which will take you step by step from getting your product on to the launch pad, undertaking the pre launch checks and getting to blast off.

There are 50 steps in the check list split into 9 stages – covering everything from getting your product to the launch pad to blast off and making sales.

  • It’s a step by step checklist – showing you the steps you need to take and what to do to achieve them.
  • Tick box allowing you to confirm each step so nothing goes uncovered

The Big Red Tomato Company helps businesses both large and small to sell more products and make more money. We’ve put this checklist together to help make your launches go smoother, so that you’ll sell more products and make more money.

We’re running a pre-launch for No 1. Product Launch Guide until 25th July at a discounted price so that we can test the shopping cart works correctly and to get feedback for the product.

However, this discount will not last forever – after 25th the Product Launch Checklist won’t be available until the beginning of August, but only the full price version will remain.

If you to ensure your product launch goes smoothly The No. 1 Product Launch Checklist will help you prepare for the launch, making sure no step is forgotten.

Remember this is only available at the discounted price until 25th July

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