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The Big Red Tomato Company provided Matthew Needham as an interim Head of Finance for the Openreach CIO function. During his time there, Matthew helped Openreach re-engineer its IT investments process and deliver substantial year on year cost savings. He also played an integral role in the integration of the software design function of BT Design with that of Openreach.

Matthew Needham is currently working with the University of Lincoln to help it achieve its value for money targets.

Some quotes on our services

“Matthew enhanced the working relationship between our two groups with his extensive understanding and control of IT development related finance and his personable approach.” April 9, 2009

Phil Herd, Head of Finance – Public Sector, BT Global Services (colleague)

“Matthew was instrumental in driving improved financial performance of the CIO function leading to substantial cost savings and reductions in investment expenditure. Working across lines of business, helped integrate the planning processes of Openreach and BT Design. Matthew is very personable and helped me enormously on joining the team” March 30, 2009

Peter Nicholls, BT (client)

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