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Think and Grow Rich Work Book

A few years ago my boss recommended Think and Grow Rich to me by Napoleon Hill. He said it would change my life and it did.

In this book I discovered the 13 principles that Napoleon Hill identified to determine exactly what made successful people successful.

Most of the coaching and mentoring work that I have completed with my clients, plus the stuff that I write on here, is based on the lessons that I’ve learnt from Think and Grow Rich.

But the trouble with Think and Grow Rich, like many books is that it’s not a practical book.

So, I’ve created a practical workbook to help you get big results – fast

What it is:

It’s a step-by-step workbook that teaches entrepreneurs how to achieve their goals step by step so they get big results – quickly. So that people like you get what they want, much quicker than if they were doing it alone.  Think of it as bootstrapping your success.

What it’s going to do for you:

My workbook will give you the tools you need to get results quickly. It will give you more confidence in setting your goals and will help you figure out what steps you need to take to achieve them.

What’s in the ‘box’ ?

– A complete 40 page workbook including lessons from Lady Gaga, Luke Skywalker and Simon Cowell
– Learn the 6 steps to success and how to apply them
– Next action worksheets so you can take what you’ve learnt and quickly apply it
– An Excel template goal tracker to keep you on track towards achieving your dreams

Bonus Extras

– A free PDF copy of our Think and Grow Rich eBook.
– A PDF copy of the 30 things that hold you back
– A Free PDF of How to unwit the 6 ghosts of fear
– Free updates for a year

Who am I?

I’m Matthew Needham, writer at the Big Red Tomato Company blog and the author of this practical work book. I’ve written it based on on my own experiences working with businesses and individuals to help them achieve their goals. I have significant experience in helping businesses achieve the results that they want.

I’m a qualified accountant, entrepreneur and business owner, husband and new dad.

What you should do next:

Click the link below and order your copy of How To Achieve Your Dreams The Tomato Way.

We’ve included 3 4 bonus items:

– Free PDF copy of our Think and Grow Rich eBook
– A Free PDF copy of the 30 things that hold you back
– A Free PDF copy of How to unwit the 6 ghosts of fear.
– Free bonus updates for a year